Frequently Asked Questions

What is this course for?

This course is intended to teach the basics of vegan cooking, and meal prep. 

How long is the course?

The course consists of 32 videos, providing vegan cooking instruction an a week’s worth of recipes to make for yourself and your loved ones.

How much does it cost?

The course costs $37 USD. 

Do you provide nutrition information & calorie counts for the recipes?

This course is meant to teach the basic of vegan cooking and baking and is not intended to provide nutrition advice or counselling. Therefore, nutrition and calorie information is not provided with the recipes. If you have questions about health and diet please consult a health professional.

Are the recipes gluten-free?

Every recipe is either already gluten-free, or can easily be made gluten-free. There is a whole video in Chapter 1 about gluten-free vegan cooking and how to make recipes gluten-free. 

Are the recipes allergy-friendly?

Many of the recipes are free of the top allergens already. However for recipes that contain common allergens (soy, wheat and nuts) substitutions are provided throughout the course. It is your responsability to read ingredient labels and know what ingredients are safe for you to consume. 

Why should I buy this course when your YouTube videos are free?

My YouTube channel has hundreds of videos on it, but they assume you already know the basics of vegan cooking and do not provide in-depth instructions. This course is designed to be watched in a sequence, to teach you how to cook vegan in an easy-to-follow way.

Where can I watch the lessons? Do I need a desktop computer?

The course lessons can be viewed on any device that is connected to the internet. Laptops and tablets are recommended due to their larger size, however watching on a phone is possible as well.

How can I purchase the course for someone else?

When you purchase the course you will get an email instructing you how to set up your log in information. You can forward this email to the person who will be taking the course and they can set up their login information which will give them access to the course.

How can I contact you if I have questions throughout the course?

If you are having technical problems with the course, you can send an email through the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Can I save the video and watch it at a later time?

You can log in to the course and watch any video at any time. You do not need to download the videos- they will always be there in your course section.

What payment options are available?

Payment can only be made by credit card at this time. Payments are processed through the secure provider Stripe. You can learn more about Stripe here.

Do you offer a free trial?

Click here to view the promo video for the course to get a sense of what is included, as well as the video styles. 

Can I purchase just part of the course? Maybe a video or two?

This course is only sold as a whole.

Is there a minimum age required to take this course?

This course is for all ages! However if you are under age 16, please ask a parent or guardian before purchasing the course.

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